I can't even begin to say enough about this product. My dog not only had incredibly bad breath, but is the pickiest dog ever and hates nearly all dog food and treats. I figured the odds were against us.1. My dog LOVES these "duck flavored" treats. LOVES them, would eat nothing else if I'd let him.2. Came to me as a Foster dog who was abused, and now he loves me so much he wants to kiss me constantly, but he smelled so bad I couldn't handle it. Two days in and his breath is 90% better, 8 hours after the first one it was probably 50% better. So, I expect it will be all gone. Wow.3. I nearly bought a different brand that was the SAME price and had only 60 chews. This one, hands down, is the way to go.I suspect anyone complaining probably has a dog who's issue is bad teeth. Obviously, there are two concerns with the breath. As the foster, I accepted responsibility for his heath and I was going to pay to get his teeth cleaned. I think these saved me a bunch of money. Maybe it doesn't work on some dogs digestive issues? I have no idea, all I can say is this stuff is on my list of favorite things. I can't even begin to relay just how awful his breath was!

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