How to Stop Killer Dog Breath

Ever feel like your dog’s breath is an environmental hazard??

I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! — I HAD TO find a way to actually FIX Auggie’s breath… and FAST!

My favorite kid (yes, still Auggie) was starting to get shunned around the house.

  • The two-legged kids didn’t want to walk him anymore.
  • My wife didn’t want him on the couch next to us (much less in bed with us).
  • Our quality time was starting to feel like torture time.
  • I didn’t want to use any of those breath sprays to just mask the smell.

And I HAD TO do it a quick and natural way.

I did days worth of research and experimenting and I FOUND STUFF IN MY KITCHEN THAT WORKED QUICK! Plus, some more long-term solutions.

I put it all together in an ebook that makes it all super easy to do! … and now I’m sharing it with anyone who’s going through this.

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